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FEN FIVE – May 2011 (Video Edition)

To wrap up spring, we’ve got a special video edition of the FEN Five that’s exactly how we love it — a journey of styles. Outlandish kicks... Read more

VIDEO: #Jan25 Egypt

The revolution is being televised, photographed and rapped about. It all comes together in this Sami Matar-produced track from Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst,... Read more

Documenting the Rise of Arab Hip-Hop

If you aren’t one of the hundreds of thousands of people excited about Arab Hip-Hop and what it’s becoming, this reel from Laith Majali and... Read more

VIDEO: The Narcicyst & Shadia Mansour – Hamdulillah

This is what happens when brilliant minds and beautiful people come together. Several months ago, director Ridwan Adhami talked me through some of the... Read more

VIDEO: Omar Offendum – “Destiny”

This song’s niceness is clear. The beat gets your head nodding, the hook is catchy and insightful, and even if you can only understand half the... Read more


This month’s FEN FIVE has got us singin’ summa summa summa time. Kickin’ things off is Shakira’s “Waka Waka” to keep... Read more

6Qs with Radio Host Hass Dennaoui

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in most ways is an unideal place to launch a hip-hop radio station. Putting on concerts is practically impossible and the logistical... Read more

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Narcicyst – “Paranoid Arab Boy”

From the House de Narcel comes the first leak off The Narcicyst’s upcoming mixtape, code named “Strep Throat” – which will be... Read more

Where Trumpets Trump AK-47s…

◄ Back Next ► Photos from opening night courtesy Amira Radwan >> I once said that... Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Sundus Abdul Hadi’s Warchestra

Sundus Abdul Hadi is a painter and musician, not in the traditional sense but a lover of the lore, a slave to the melody. The 26-year-old Iraqi and Montreal... Read more

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