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Documenting the Rise of Arab Hip-Hop

If you aren’t one of the hundreds of thousands of people excited about Arab Hip-Hop and what it’s becoming, this reel from Laith Majali and... Read more


Another month. Another FEN FIVE. Canada is reppin’ hard this September! Starting with Montreal-based electro-funk duo Chromeo with “Don’t... Read more

VIDEO: The Narcicyst & Shadia Mansour – Hamdulillah

This is what happens when brilliant minds and beautiful people come together. Several months ago, director Ridwan Adhami talked me through some of the... Read more

6Qs with MC Shadia Mansour

If Shadia Mansour weren’t the First Lady of Arabic Hip-Hop, she’d be a human rights lawyer with the superhuman ability to end all the world’s... Read more


Since our launch a few weeks ago, FEN has been buzzing with incoming music to review. This month’s FEN Five includes picks from Danah’s Narcy... Read more

A Cultural Mélange of Epic Proportions in The Narcicyst

The Narcicyst, a.k.a. Jamal Abdel Narcel, a.k.a. Yassin Alsalman, a.k.a. Narcy is a bonafide entertainer. A mish-mash of all things East and West, he has... Read more