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VIDEO: ‘into egypt’ by Waleed Zaiter and Suheir Hammad

This vivid video, based on Suheir Hammad‘s poem ‘into egypt‘ was directed by Waleed Zaiter. He took some time out to tell FEN about his... Read more

“Spring Also Falls” by Suheir Hammad

spring also falls future without shoulder without shade there is impossible of absence ghosts in basin of belly there is din of nation rush of sea the... Read more

VIDEO: Suheir Hammad – “Mike Check”

Suheir Hammad’s “Mike Check” is worth more than one check, more like two. As usual, she speaks for herself and for anyone else who has... Read more

Suheir Hammad’s breaking poems

Suheir Hammad’s breaking poems breaks ground (for Arab-American writers), breaks rules (of language), and breaks bonds (with outdated notions of... Read more