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(FEN)SIDER: Unveiling the Veil

“Unveiling the Veil” in Photos The camera has turned on Photographer Laura El-Tantawy as she finds herself in the spotlight of Visura Magazine.... Read more

Amira Hanafi’s Alatool

We officially start our walk outside Bab El-Nasr, one of the doors to Islamic Cairo. Amira Hanafi begins by taking a picture of my feet. This is how she... Read more

Featured Photo Gallery: Rania Matar

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6Qs with Photographer Rania Matar

As an artist, Rania Matar consciously stays away from politics. “By looking through the political lens we stop looking at people as human beings... Read more

6Qs with Photographer Laura El-Tantawy

One look at her shots, and you probably wouldn’t believe that Laura El-Tantawy had no interest in photography as a kid. After graduating from the... Read more

6Qs with Photographer Noha Ghany

Like so many of us young Arab-Americans, Noha Ghany chose a traditional career path when she started her freshman year at The Ohio State University. Once,... Read more