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NYC EVENT: Lyrical Evolution

project palestine presents LYRICAL EVOLUTION During the past century, the tone and rhythm of Palestinian song have mirrored the public’s response... Read more

6Qs with Writer-Director Annemarie Jacir

Annemarie Jacir’s Salt of This Sea is now playing in U.S. theatres — check out this interview with her and make sure you support this film... Read more

6Qs with Qanunist Ali Amr

When you think of the qanun, you probably think of classical Arabic music. And when you think of classical Arabic music, you probably think old. But at... Read more

6Qs with MC Shadia Mansour

If Shadia Mansour weren’t the First Lady of Arabic Hip-Hop, she’d be a human rights lawyer with the superhuman ability to end all the world’s... Read more

Featured Photo Gallery: Rania Matar

 Read More →

6Qs with Photographer Rania Matar

As an artist, Rania Matar consciously stays away from politics. “By looking through the political lens we stop looking at people as human beings... Read more

Project Hope: Old Conflict, Fresh Take

When I saw an exhibit of graphic novels put together by children at a school in Nablus, I felt relieved that someone was approaching the Palestinian-Israeli... Read more

Susan Abulhawa’s The Scar of David

When I am given a book and a time-line to read it, I usually don’t because I feel like I’m being forced into something. This was the case with... Read more

Checkpoint 303 Rocks the Bay

The air is thick with gray sheesha smoke at the Pork Store Cafe in San Francisco, CA. It seems every Arab-American in the Bay between the ages of 21 and... Read more

6Qs with Poet Suheir Hammad

Suheir Hammad needs no introduction. You’ve seen her bust a verse on Russel Simmons Presents Def Poetry Jam on Broadway, moving a nation with her... Read more

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