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FEN FIVE – March 2011

We hope spring has sprung wherever you are, we’re still on the lookout for it in NYC. We had to kick off this month’s playlist with Omar Offendum’s... Read more

VIDEO: #Jan25 Egypt

The revolution is being televised, photographed and rapped about. It all comes together in this Sami Matar-produced track from Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst,... Read more

FEN FIVE – January/February 2011

Turn Al-Jazeera down, plug your headphones in and enjoy this double-month revolution special. Our newest contributor, Dina Duella, tipped us on to Hanni... Read more

Documenting the Rise of Arab Hip-Hop

If you aren’t one of the hundreds of thousands of people excited about Arab Hip-Hop and what it’s becoming, this reel from Laith Majali and... Read more

Omar Offendum’s SyrianamericanA

Finely crafted, Arabic, English, internationally produced and unquestionably from the heart, SyrianamericanA — Omar Offendum‘s debut solo album... Read more

FEN in 2011: Artists to Watch

2010 was a year of great growth and discovery for Arab-American art. We watched as our predictions for the year came true — Eyad Zahra surprised... Read more


You’re probably in as much awe as we are that this is the last month of the year. Our first year of being live flew by and we had to do something... Read more


This month’s FEN FIVE has been in the works all month looong. But, we have to say, it was definitely worth the wait and there’s plenty here... Read more

VIDEO: Omar Offendum – “Destiny”

This song’s niceness is clear. The beat gets your head nodding, the hook is catchy and insightful, and even if you can only understand half the... Read more

6Qs with MC Omar Offendum

Omar Offendum is welcoming us to SyrianamericanA, a place where lyrics lure you into “cardamom strong,” and a nostalgic journey for home and history... Read more

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