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Spotlight on the Arab Film Festival: 6Qs with Camille Alick and Michel Shehadeh

Film is a profoundly transformational medium. Rarely are we challenged and humbled, provoked and ameliorated, disheartened and inspired all in the span... Read more

6Qs with Playwright-Actress Jennifer Jajeh

“Tragicomedy” is the word Jennifer Jajeh uses to describe her 90-minute solo performance in “I Heart Hamas,” in which she shares her experience... Read more

6Qs with Hanni El Khatib

The 50s are back with a musical vengeance. A movement that has been slowly surfacing in the music scene with many artists dabbling in these nostalgic sounds... Read more

6Qs with Filmmaker Ziad Hamzeh

Narrative Filmmaker Ziad Hamzeh moved from Syria to the United States in 1979, when he was 20-years-old. Since then, he has won a raft of accolades at... Read more