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“Now That We Have Tasted Hope” by Khaled Mattawa

Listen to Libyan poet and recent winner of the Academy of American Poets Fellowship Khaled Mattawa read his latest for the revolution in Libya on BBC’s... Read more

MUSIC: Khalas (Enough) Mixtape Vol. 1

Even Gaddafi can’t stop the music coming out of this powerful and inevitable revolution. This post was originally drafted to link here, but the... Read more

“Also Libya” by Suheir Hammad

also libya no one tells you if anyone does you do not listen anyway if you do still you do not understand no one tells you how to be free there is fire... Read more

Khaled M: Less Politics, More Lyrics

Libya isn’t exactly famous for hip-hop. And it’s not often that Libyans become rappers, but Khaled Muammer isn’t one to stick with the mold. Born... Read more