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VIDEO: Lowkey ft. Mai Khalil – “Cradle of Civilisation”

Deep and heartfelt, English and Arabic, Hip-Hop and R&B — it’s no wonder this song quickly made it into our August FEN FIVE. And with just... Read more

6Qs with Artist Dia Azzawi

Full-time artist, Dia Azzawi was born and raised in Iraq. Though he has resided in London since 1976, the long exile has not diluted his passion for his... Read more


Sundus Abdul Hadi transforms the meaning of painting and music by putting the two together in this multimedia series, Warchestra. In doing so, she also... Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Sundus Abdul Hadi’s Warchestra

Sundus Abdul Hadi is a painter and musician, not in the traditional sense but a lover of the lore, a slave to the melody. The 26-year-old Iraqi and Montreal... Read more