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MUSIC: Khalas (Enough) Mixtape Vol. 1

Even Gaddafi can’t stop the music coming out of this powerful and inevitable revolution. This post was originally drafted to link here, but the... Read more

Khaled M: Less Politics, More Lyrics

Libya isn’t exactly famous for hip-hop. And it’s not often that Libyans become rappers, but Khaled Muammer isn’t one to stick with the mold. Born... Read more

6Qs with MC Shadia Mansour

If Shadia Mansour weren’t the First Lady of Arabic Hip-Hop, she’d be a human rights lawyer with the superhuman ability to end all the world’s... Read more

VIDEO: Bad Brya – “On My Way”

We’re goin’ (FEN)TERNATIONAL with today’s video from Bad Brya, “On My Way.” The young Moroccan MC was born and raised in... Read more

LISTEN: Fortune Family

One-third Egyptian and hailing from the suburbs of Philly comes Fortune Family, consisting of Hobson (Owen Hobson), Reefer (Sherif Hamid) and Kane (Matt... Read more

K’naan: A music legend in the making

Artists like K’naan don’t come around often. If you’ve listened to his music, you know he doesn’t waste a line; he’s a master... Read more

Freestyle 101 with The Narcicyst

In the beginning, a freestyle was a rap written about no particular subject — free of style or concept — solely for the purpose of demonstrating skill.... Read more

A Cultural Mélange of Epic Proportions in The Narcicyst

The Narcicyst, a.k.a. Jamal Abdel Narcel, a.k.a. Yassin Alsalman, a.k.a. Narcy is a bonafide entertainer. A mish-mash of all things East and West, he has... Read more

Jackie Salloum's Slingshot Hip Hop

Other reviewers express surprise and feign jaded reactions to the subject of first-time director, Jackie Salloum’s Slingshot Hip Hop. But one word runs... Read more

K’Naan: A True Troubadour

Rejuvenating the music industry with an art form marked by creativity, passion, and versatility, K’naan has enriched the world of music with his sophomore... Read more

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