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VIDEO: ‘into egypt’ by Waleed Zaiter and Suheir Hammad

This vivid video, based on Suheir Hammad‘s poem ‘into egypt‘ was directed by Waleed Zaiter. He took some time out to tell FEN about his... Read more

VIDEO: Triumph67 Trailer

Identity, memory, family, and elegy — these notions among others impact the lives of two Palestinian-American brothers, as they face startling events... Read more

6Qs with Writer-Director Annemarie Jacir

Annemarie Jacir’s Salt of This Sea is now playing in U.S. theatres — check out this interview with her and make sure you support this film... Read more

(FEN)SIDER: Noor Theatre Launch

Noor Theatre Launches Congratulations to the founders of Noor Theatre, Artistic Director Lameece Issaq, Executive Director Maha Chehlaoui and Producing... Read more

Kurdish Cinema: Where Have You Been?!

ArteEast’s First New York Kurdish Film Festival: A Cinema Across Borders is the first film festival in the United States to feature the films of... Read more