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MUSIC: Khalas (Enough) Mixtape Vol. 1

Even Gaddafi can’t stop the music coming out of this powerful and inevitable revolution. This post was originally drafted to link here, but the... Read more

“What is to Give Light” by Yahia Lababidi

What is to Give Light What is to give light must endure burning, a man once said Another man became the matchstick that set a nation aflame But fire, and... Read more

VIDEO: #Jan25 Egypt

The revolution is being televised, photographed and rapped about. It all comes together in this Sami Matar-produced track from Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst,... Read more

“Into Egypt” by Suheir Hammad

tunisians started it. egyptians followed. palestinian-american suheir hammad wrote to it. we have to remind one another that art endures. we hope you... Read more

FEN FIVE – January/February 2011

Turn Al-Jazeera down, plug your headphones in and enjoy this double-month revolution special. Our newest contributor, Dina Duella, tipped us on to Hanni... Read more

6Qs with Visual Artist Sarah Rifaat

When you think of the desert, you wouldn’t ordinarily think of the word “green,” but visual artist Sarah Rifaat along with the help... Read more

FRIDAY FILM EXCLUSIVE: Sherif Sadek’s El Bondera

 Read More →

6Qs with Artist Hassan Hassan

Photo Courtesy Noor El Deeb He lives, breathes, writes, draws, talks and walks the walk of artist. I met him in the newsroom of Egypt Today Magazine, where... Read more

The “New” Amr Diab

(via Seif Al-Din’s tumblr blog) As I loaded Amr Diab’s Wayah into VLC player, the program that new music has to make it through to get to iTunes... Read more