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LISTEN: Checkpoint 303′s “Said Guevara”

We first met Checkpoint 303 last year in San Francisco, CA — they impressed us so much that we included them in our 2010 Artists to Watch list and... Read more

FEN in 2010: Artists to Watch

2009 was a great year for Arab-American art and artists. We watched as organizations dedicated to promoting our community of artists grew all over the... Read more


Since our launch a few weeks ago, FEN has been buzzing with incoming music to review. This month’s FEN Five includes picks from Danah’s Narcy... Read more

Checkpoint 303 Rocks the Bay

The air is thick with gray sheesha smoke at the Pork Store Cafe in San Francisco, CA. It seems every Arab-American in the Bay between the ages of 21 and... Read more

VIDEO: Checkpoint 303 – “Streets O Ramallah”

This video turns Checkpoint 303‘s “Streets O Ramallah” into a soundtrack on steroids. SC MoCha and SC Yosh have a brilliant organomusical... Read more