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VIDEO: Salma Khshaiboun Covers Fairouz, Beautifully

Of all the wonderful music we heard last week at The New York Arabic Orchestra‘s benefit concert for Haiti, this might have been our favorite —... Read more


It’s been another amazing month — more incoming music, more concerts, more brilliance — all makes for another exciting month of FEN Five. Anuja... Read more

VIDEO: Bassam Saba Ensemble live at Joe’s Pub NYC

A couple weeks ago, a packed Joe’s Pub saw a very special performance by the Bassam Saba Ensemble as they celebrated the release of their long-anticipated... Read more

6Qs with Composer Bassam Saba

It only takes a few minutes to realize Composer Bassam Saba is a genius. Listening to his delightful compositions, watching him seamlessly switch from... Read more