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Arabs Go Wild on Broadway

When we listed Arab-American Comedy as one of the things we were most excited about in 2010 back in January, we had no idea we’d be seeing some of... Read more

VIDEO: Windows 7 TV Commercial Spoof

Comedian Baha Khalil is back at it again – this time giving us a taste of his guest segment on Dandana TV’s “3ala Zo2ak” show... Read more

NYC’s Big Brown Comedy Hour

Every few months, Dean Obeidallah gathers a group of Arab, Iranian and Desi comedians for the increasingly-infamous Big Brown Comedy Hour. It never starts... Read more

FEN in 2010: Artists to Watch

2009 was a great year for Arab-American art and artists. We watched as organizations dedicated to promoting our community of artists grew all over the... Read more

VIDEO: Baha Khalil @ Comix, NYC

Baha Khalil’s first time on stage? You wouldn’t believe it if you were there for this debut performance at the New York Arab-American Comedy... Read more

6Qs with Comedian Baha Khalil

Although Baha Khalil never intended to become a comedian, it’s clear he was made for the stage. From his grade school days of earning “big... Read more