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(FEN)SIDER: Hisham Matar’s Short Story “Naima” in The New Yorker

The Personal and The Fictional… It is a strange and great coincidence that The New Yorker chose to run Libyan author Hisham Matar’s story... Read more

(FEN)SIDER: Rawi Hage Publishes in Tin House

For the Literary Heads… If you’re looking for a little summer reading, award-winning Lebanese-Canadian Author and Visual Artist Rawi Hage... Read more

Susan Abulhawa’s The Scar of David

When I am given a book and a time-line to read it, I usually don’t because I feel like I’m being forced into something. This was the case with... Read more

6Qs with Writer Alicia Erian

Her highly acclaimed debut novel, Towelhead, stirred readers and critics alike. Later, it was adapted into film. She’s an author, writer, screenwriter,... Read more