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VIDEO: Lowkey ft. Mai Khalil – “Cradle of Civilisation”

Deep and heartfelt, English and Arabic, Hip-Hop and R&B — it’s no wonder this song quickly made it into our August FEN FIVE. And with just... Read more

6Qs with Radio Host Hass Dennaoui

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in most ways is an unideal place to launch a hip-hop radio station. Putting on concerts is practically impossible and the logistical... Read more

VIDEO: Cherif Triki – “Imagine”

Cherif Triki‘s “Imagine” provides enough energy to color this black and white video. Triki takes us through a day in the Bay Area before... Read more

6Qs with MC Shadia Mansour

If Shadia Mansour weren’t the First Lady of Arabic Hip-Hop, she’d be a human rights lawyer with the superhuman ability to end all the world’s... Read more

6Qs with Hip-Hop Trio DAM

When brothers Tamer and Suheil Nafar and their friend Mahmoud Jreri started DAM (Da Arabic MCs) back in 1999, they had no idea that ten years later they’d... Read more