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Omar Offendum’s <em>SyrianamericanA</em>

Omar Offendum’s SyrianamericanA

Finely crafted, Arabic, English, internationally produced and unquestionably from the heart, SyrianamericanA — Omar Offendum‘s debut solo album... Read more

Kasim Abid’s <em>Life After the Fall</em>

Kasim Abid’s Life After the Fall

UK based Iraqi documentary filmmaker Kasim Abid returned to his hometown, Baghdad, in 2003 after nearly 30 years of living in exile. Initially intending... Read more

Amira Hanafi’s <i>Alatool</i>

Amira Hanafi’s Alatool

We officially start our walk outside Bab El-Nasr, one of the doors to Islamic Cairo. Amira Hanafi begins by taking a picture of my feet. This is how she... Read more

Ahmed Ahmed’s <i>Just Like Us</i>

Ahmed Ahmed’s Just Like Us

Ahmed Ahmed’s directorial debut Just Like Us is hilarious and will keep you laughing as some of the most well-known international comedians perform... Read more

Project Hope: Old Conflict, Fresh Take

Project Hope: Old Conflict, Fresh Take

When I saw an exhibit of graphic novels put together by children at a school in Nablus, I felt relieved that someone was approaching the Palestinian-Israeli... Read more

Karim Fanous’s <i>Clean Hands, Dirty Soap</i>

Karim Fanous’s Clean Hands, Dirty Soap

Based on a story by longtime friend Adam Mourad, Karim Fanous’s Clean Hands, Dirty Soap is about a modest bathroom attendant named Hadi, who is brilliantly... Read more

Gaida’s <i>Levantine Indulgence</i>

Gaida’s Levantine Indulgence

One listen to any track off Gaida’s debut album Levantine Indulgence and you’ll agree that whoever dubbed her the “Syrian Nightingale”... Read more

Susan Abulhawa’s <i>The Scar of David</i>

Susan Abulhawa’s The Scar of David

When I am given a book and a time-line to read it, I usually don’t because I feel like I’m being forced into something. This was the case with... Read more

VIDEO: Bassam Saba Ensemble live at Joe’s Pub NYC

VIDEO: Bassam Saba Ensemble live at Joe’s Pub NYC

A couple weeks ago, a packed Joe’s Pub saw a very special performance by the Bassam Saba Ensemble as they celebrated the release of their long-anticipated... Read more

Trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf at Barbès

Trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf at Barbès

Bodies were everywhere—in chairs, against the wall, on the floor—overlapped like ice cubes in a glass. There was no room to move, let alone breathe,... Read more

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