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Zakia Tahiri’s Number One State of Mind

Zakia Tahiri’s Number One, tackles Morocco’s moudawana (family code), sweeping legislation which overhauled the nation’s family law,... Read more

Learning Arabic One T-shirt at a Time with Moth Written

Moth Written’s line of Arabic t-shirts, tote bags, pins and handbags strives to create positive dialogue about the Arabic-speaking world through... Read more

Jackie Salloum's Slingshot Hip Hop

Other reviewers express surprise and feign jaded reactions to the subject of first-time director, Jackie Salloum’s Slingshot Hip Hop. But one word runs... Read more

Alicia Erian’s Towelhead

Alicia Erian’s novel, Towelhead, reads as something of an opus to Hillary Clinton’s infamous line, “It takes a village.” But Erian fills her village... Read more

D.C.’s Arabian Sights Film Festival

Arabian Sights rides again! Washington D.C.’s Arab film festival returned for its 14th year. And once again the smart selections of Festival Director... Read more