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FEN FIVE – May 2011 (Video Edition)

To wrap up spring, we’ve got a special video edition of the FEN Five that’s exactly how we love it — a journey of styles. Outlandish kicks... Read more

VIDEO: ‘into egypt’ by Waleed Zaiter and Suheir Hammad

This vivid video, based on Suheir Hammad‘s poem ‘into egypt‘ was directed by Waleed Zaiter. He took some time out to tell FEN about his... Read more

FEN FIVE – April 2011

It isn’t often we find one piece that’s worthy of occupying all five spots on our FEN FIVE — but when we met Karim Sultan in NYC recently... Read more

NYC EVENT: Lyrical Evolution

project palestine presents LYRICAL EVOLUTION During the past century, the tone and rhythm of Palestinian song have mirrored the public’s response... Read more

“Spring Also Falls” by Suheir Hammad

spring also falls future without shoulder without shade there is impossible of absence ghosts in basin of belly there is din of nation rush of sea the... Read more

Mohammed Fairouz’s Opera Sumeida’s Song

On Wednesday, April 13, 2011 the Mimesis Orchestra presents the world premiere of acclaimed composer Mohammed Fairouz’s first-ever opera, Sumeida’s... Read more

FEN FIVE – March 2011

We hope spring has sprung wherever you are, we’re still on the lookout for it in NYC. We had to kick off this month’s playlist with Omar Offendum’s... Read more

“Also Libya” by Suheir Hammad

also libya no one tells you if anyone does you do not listen anyway if you do still you do not understand no one tells you how to be free there is fire... Read more

“What is to Give Light” by Yahia Lababidi

What is to Give Light What is to give light must endure burning, a man once said Another man became the matchstick that set a nation aflame But fire, and... Read more

VIDEO: #Jan25 Egypt

The revolution is being televised, photographed and rapped about. It all comes together in this Sami Matar-produced track from Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst,... Read more

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