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TPFF 2010: With Love From Palestine

The sold out crowd of 800 doesn’t seem to be fazed by the rain. They continue to line up outside the Bloor Cinema in order to get a seat to Elia... Read more

6Qs with Author Randa Jarrar

Photo courtesy Bering Photography Randa Jarrar is the author of the critically acclaimed novel A Map of Home, which won a Hopwood Award, an Arab-American... Read more

6Qs with Comic Illustrator Marguerite Dabaie

Freelance illustrator and comic artist Marguerite Dabaie has managed to find a way of presenting her own perspective of what it’s like to be Palestinian-American... Read more

Where Trumpets Trump AK-47s…

◄ Back Next ► Photos from opening night courtesy Amira Radwan >> I once said that... Read more

Project Hope: Old Conflict, Fresh Take

When I saw an exhibit of graphic novels put together by children at a school in Nablus, I felt relieved that someone was approaching the Palestinian-Israeli... Read more

Susan Abulhawa’s The Scar of David

When I am given a book and a time-line to read it, I usually don’t because I feel like I’m being forced into something. This was the case with... Read more

6Qs with Type Designer Nadine Chahine

An award winning Lebanese type designer, Nadine Chahine’s day job isn’t considered typical. In fact, she may be the solution to your Arabic... Read more

Randa Jarrar’s A Map of Home

Albeit having many stories to share, Arab-American writers are rare. So when I come across one, my expectations are high because I assume much time has... Read more

A Cultural Mélange of Epic Proportions in The Narcicyst

The Narcicyst, a.k.a. Jamal Abdel Narcel, a.k.a. Yassin Alsalman, a.k.a. Narcy is a bonafide entertainer. A mish-mash of all things East and West, he has... Read more