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Spotlight on the Arab Film Festival: 6Qs with Camille Alick and Michel Shehadeh

Film is a profoundly transformational medium. Rarely are we challenged and humbled, provoked and ameliorated, disheartened and inspired all in the span... Read more

6Qs with Playwright-Actress Jennifer Jajeh

“Tragicomedy” is the word Jennifer Jajeh uses to describe her 90-minute solo performance in “I Heart Hamas,” in which she shares her experience... Read more

6Qs with MC Omar Offendum

Omar Offendum is welcoming us to SyrianamericanA, a place where lyrics lure you into “cardamom strong,” and a nostalgic journey for home and history... Read more

6Qs with Percussionist Simona Abdallah

Simona Abdallah is one of a handful of women in the world playing the tablah, the hand-drum used by Middle-Eastern ensembles. A Palestinian who grew up... Read more

6Qs with Fashion Designer Rania Salibi

Rania Salibi has already made a lot of moves in her young lifetime, but her latest and boldest move to date put her on Hollywood’s radar. Born in New... Read more

Behind the Laughs: LA Middle Eastern Comedy Workshop

Middle Eastern Comedy Festival co-producers, Ronnie Khalil and Ryan Shrime are working hard to counter the narrow view of Middle Easterners in the media,... Read more

6Qs with Co-Founders of the LA Middle Eastern Comedy Festival

Ronnie Khalil and Ryan Shrime: co-producers and founders of the First Annual Los Angeles Middle Eastern Comedy Festival. Here they tell FEN how it came... Read more

6Qs with Actor-Comedian Maz Siam

Dreams are ageless, and the sky truly is the limit. That is what Maz Siam is making sure we know. FEN got a chance to interview Maz after his laugh-out-loud... Read more

VIDEO: Rami Kashou – “Between the Lines”

Rami Kashou has time and again proven his talent as a fashion designer, but his short fashion film production “Between the Lines” has earned him the... Read more