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VIDEO: Triumph67 Trailer //

byMarwa Helal

Identity, memory, family, and elegy — these notions among others impact the lives of two Palestinian-American brothers, as they face startling events hurtling at them, delivering the brothers to states of being they could not have foreseen in Triumph67. FEN caught up with one of the lead actors, Mohannad Ghawanmeh, who plays the part of the younger brother, also named Mohannad…

Ghawanmeh says, “the film is essentially a focused family drama, but the characters’ trials evoke notions of displacement, home, loss and resiliency — notions that suffuse the modern Palestinian experience. He hopes the audience will relate to his character’s experience.

“Even if the audience doesn’t manage to locate the echoes of the Palestinian experience, they will leave the film feeling touched and, possibly, even transformed by Triumph67‘s visual splendor, its integrity and its pathos.

The best part of working on the film for Ghawanmeh was being fully engaged as an actor. “Many years ago, I identified the three things closest to me in life: family, the Palestinian cause, and cinema, in descending order,” he says. “All three come together in this project.”

Triumph67 premieres at the 2011 Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival on April 15. Congrats to the team for selling out that show! For more about the film and to purchase tickets to for the April 19 screening, click here >>

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