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NYC EVENT: Lyrical Evolution //


project palestine presents LYRICAL EVOLUTION
During the past century, the tone and rhythm of Palestinian song have mirrored the public’s response to colonialism, occupation, hope and resistance. Indiana University Professor of Ehtnomusicology David McDonald’s groundbreaking work explores the Palestinian narrative through the history of its music. Plus, Sabreena da Witch of Slingshot Hip Hop fame performs, offering her take on present-day Palestinian song.

WHEN: 8:15 pm, Monday, April 18, 2011
WHERE: The New School, 66 5th Ave., Room N101
SERVING: Mouthwatering Middle Eastern snacks

Sponsored by:

  • FEN Magazine
  • GPIA (Graduate Program in International Affairs)
Project Palestine is a student organization at The New School aimed at illustrating thePalestinian condition through films, music, literature, poetry and art.

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