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“Spring Also Falls” by Suheir Hammad //


spring also falls

future without shoulder without shade
there is impossible of absence
ghosts in basin of belly

there is din of nation rush of sea
the unborn of the dead still

there is an old knowing again
never trust contact between blood and men

  • only the ones you let in
  • only everyone
  • only the one promised you
  • only those claim you family
  • only the closest

a heart will blaspheme to live
knowing again how keen takes over
breath how tongues are held hands
dropped smiles plastered glass
fault line fragility of us

time wa space cavern missing within me

some will love right for those who do not
some might have faith right now i do not

  • only them who leave
  • only all
  • only those you feed
  • only love
  • only you

nothing to declare
living demolition behind this silent
wall constructed each night with all
i once believed

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