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More than Arab. More than Art. //

byMarwa Helal

FEN Magazine turns 1

Dear Readers,

It’s been one whole amazing year in the life of FEN. Since our launch we’ve had the pleasure, honor, bliss, enjoyment, thrill of watching the artists we love continue to develop remarkable work, while meeting some new faces who are sure to grow the scene. But in observing our scene we’ve seen something else happen, too…

When Erykah Badu says her lyrics were inspired by Suheir Hammad — when Kim Kardashian walks down a red carpet donning Rami Kashou — when Mai Iskander truly changes lives with Garbage Dreams — we can’t help but notice there’s a trend. More Arab-American films are winning at festivals, more of our musicians are booking shows, our actors getting roles, our plays touring and books selling. This is when we have proof that art goes beyond all labels: Arab, American, Canadian…

Art, FEN, is about community, it’s about beauty, it’s about expression and breaking down stereotypes where they need to be broken, and it’s ultimately whatever you want it to be. We thank you for one successful year and look forward to many more. To our artists, we do this for you. To our readers, we do this for you. To everyone who helped us shape this site when we were still in BETA, we owe you a big thank you.

As we look forward, we’re more than excited about what the next year brings. We’ll be doing our part by adding more features, creating new content, putting on more events and introducing you to more and more new artists, while keeping you in touch with the ones you already know and love.

Here’s to another year of awesome art and a growing scene…

Marwa, Seif and the rest of the FEN team

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