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VIDEO: The Narcicyst & Shadia Mansour – Hamdulillah //

bySeif Al-Din

This is what happens when brilliant minds and beautiful people come together. Several months ago, director Ridwan Adhami talked me through some of the concepts they had for this video — they were all impressive, but none as simple yet visually poignant as this. A summer later, I don’t even feel the need to think back to the other concepts…this is just right. A moving collage of humanity scored by a lyrical collage of prayer and praise. And as if the art didn’t already win me over, it’s the outcome of international collaboration at its finest:

This video is a global collaborative effort by 10 photographers- from London to Lebanon, Cairo To Canada, Abu Dhabi to America- to create a portrait of the New Global Citizens. They are DJs, MCs, poets, architects, teachers, doctors, parents and children. Most of all they are people.

Enjoy and pass along — this one’s a bound to be a classic.

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