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VIDEO: Omar Offendum – “Destiny” //

bySeif Al-Din

This song’s niceness is clear. The beat gets your head nodding, the hook is catchy and insightful, and even if you can only understand half the verses, you know it’s deep. The video is directed by Laith Majali (Amman) and shot on location in L.A. and Beirut, and the record was mixed by The Narcicyst (Montreal) — this is East-West Arab-American-Canadian collaboration at its finest. Watch and enjoy: subtle but clever camera work, two places in balance and a richness that makes you want to watch it again. Omar’s solo debut and Laith’s directorial debut in the music world is nothing but a success.

Download “Destiny” for free here (right-click and save) and buy the album SyrianamericanA on CD Baby >>

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