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VIDEO: Cherif Triki – “Imagine” //

byMarwa Helal

Cherif Triki‘s “Imagine” provides enough energy to color this black and white video. Triki takes us through a day in the Bay Area before his lyrics take over and navigate the rest of the video into a montage of world leaders and events. Check out the video and follow along on the lyrical journey with the translation he’s shared with us below.

Song lyrics-translation:

imagine a world without problems
we live a stressless life, everything calm
no offended and no offender
no cases, courts are shut down
no crimes, no police, just empty jails

imagine there are no swindlers
trying to swindle the poor
imagine there is no poverty
and everybody is well fed
the rich give to the poor in a world of plenty and peace of mind
without worrying about possessions
just living out of decent money

imagine there is no politics
only transparency and civil rights
whatever you do, my god is a witness
imagine there is no racism, no boundaries between countries
no dark thoughts that lead you astray
no war and no jihad

we live in a sad world, it feels like hell
life is only a dream, this is what i mean
poverty and incarceration, issues between people
countries colonizing others, diseases and corruption

imagine there are no diseases running up our veins
no chemical suffocate us
no HIV and no cancer
we build a new life with a fresh air
imagine there is no dictator that takes away your land
and then humiliates you
no weapon and no ammunition
and no George W Bush

imagine no one nourishes fear in our hearts
no one to mercilessly crash us down
imagine there is no persecution, no terrorism
we forget the past and become brothers again
imagine there is no victimized people by despotism and drug abuse
people who are paralyzed with debts
unable to float above the water
imagine there are no orphans whose parents are killed in the war
and buried under crumbled buildings, God bless Palestine

the poor want to become rich
the weak want to become powerful
he who lives in war wants peace
he who has problems wants serenity
to realize our dreams and ambitions
these are my dreams and the dreams of other people
no matter how things change and how life gets rough
our dreams are unforgettable

imagine there are no immigrants in foreign countries
constantly watched and spied on
envied because of success and lured into alcoholism
imagine no body worshiping the dollar
kissing feet to make a living
not knowing where to start
sitting against the wall, miserable and lame
living as a stranger in his own country
the enemy becomes a friend
the rich gamble and the poor meditate on their empty pockets

imagine there is no mother with a broken heart
watching her son bleed and agonize
a little kid with ambition, killed in the war
culprits will have to pay for it one day

imagine there is no hitler or sharon
no one to suck other people’s blood with law on his side
no father losing his family
that’s life, but there is god above for the victims
the martyr’s souls are priceless.

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