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6Qs with Fashion Designer Yasmin Mahrous //

byPete Willows

Frame Yasmin & Stephen. 4jpgYasmin Mahrous from Frame Fashion showed an exciting collection for Spring/Summer 2010 last October in Toronto at LG Fashion Week. And if Lady GaGa is wearing Frame leggings from that collection, then the first Lady of Fashion has given her approval. Beautiful, successful, driven — I think she’s an artist to watch this year.

Favorite movie: I like so many, but have to watch one twice for it to be a favourite
Designer: Tom Ford
Board game: I don’t like games

1. From where do you draw your inspiration and motivation?
Designing and sketching are primary motivations for me as a fashion designer. And that’s because it’s the creative aspect of running this business. Everything around can inspire me, but usually art wins.

2. You have the afternoon off, or better yet, the day. What do you do for kicks?
Spend it with friends and family. But when you’re a fashion designer, you usually don’t get any time away.

3. Music is an important backdrop in the creative fields. Who or what style of music do you like for a working soundtrack?
I love all types of music. But for a working environment, I prefer lounge music. It’s incredible how well my partner Stephen knows music. He is starting to produce and mix. So I think we’ll be involved in music soon. Frame will be both fashion and music.

4. 2009 was a fine year for Frame Fashion, and with an awesome response to your Spring/Summer 2010 collection in Toronto. What can we expect from you in 2010?
This week, we’ll be doing the Fall/Winter 2010 look-book photo shoot. It’s my favourite collection. We’re using a new fabric company, and the fabric is awesome. The fabric actually inspired a couple of the designs. In Fall/Winter 2010 we’re dedicated to merging vintage and contemporary style with fine art to get a sense of timeless fashion.

5. Your day just crashed, and you have deadlines and events that can’t wait. How do you recover? Or whom do you call for a pep-talk and emotional support?

Usually you don’t have time to talk to anyone for emotional support in this industry. You have to stay focused, and supervise everything yourself.

And it’s great that we are a two partner design team, so when someone can’t deal with a certain situation the other one steps in and helps.

6. Where is your favorite city for fashion: both on the street and on the runway?
Milan is the best.


About the Author:
Pete Willows is a Canadian freelance writer. He has lived and worked in Egypt, The United States, New Zealand, the Sudan and Canada. He currently lives in the Toronto area with his family.

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