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Zakia Tahiri’s Number One State of Mind //


numberoneZakia Tahiri’s Number One, tackles Morocco’s moudawana (family code), sweeping legislation which overhauled the nation’s family law, women’s and children’s rights in 2004 through humor.

Tahiri presents this social change through the lives of Aziz and Soraya (acted by the lovely Nezha Rahile). Aziz orders their world with his machismo attitude, and it becomes apparent that despite the progressive law, dark spaces continue to exist between the law and reality, husband and wife, employer and employee. Desperate to change her circumstances, Soraya employs a little magic, transforming Aziz and the community through a series of events bordering on the absurd. Best of all, Aziz’s new antics influence his nargile-smoking buddies and shows everyone just how unfulfilling life as Number One really is.

Occasionally billed as Zakia Tahri or Zakia Bouchaala, the director has been working since the early 1990s. Number One is the first film she has produced, written and directed. Her first feature, Originee Contrôlée (aka Made in France) won Le Roger at the Avignon/New York Film Festival in 2001.

About the Author: Lori Goode keeps the dream alive moonlighting as a reviewer, while passing her days (and nights) near the nation’s halls of power in Washington, D.C. Her experiences ranges from research to education but she’s always had a keen eye for the arts, particularly film.

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