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K’Naan: A True Troubadour //


k-naan-troubadorRejuvenating the music industry with an art form marked by creativity, passion, and versatility, K’naan has enriched the world of music with his sophomore album Troubadour.

FEN Favorite – “Take A Minute”

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A native of Somalia, K’naan is a gifted storyteller that paints vivid images through his words, sounds, and melodies, creating a multi-dimensional musical experience.

As stories of the human condition, his lyrics are universally accessible. His general message is embodied by a spiritual appreciation for the gift of life. The themes of his songs often hearken back to his childhood experiences—i.e. growing up in a region troubled by socio-political turmoil and the destitute poverty and suffering that smolders therein—offering an incredible sense of empowerment in telling the stories of those whose unheard voices seldom reach the ears of a global audience.

The musical repertoire of the album includes beats representing a diverse spectrum of styles—from the hip-hop, funk, rock and jazz of the African-American experience, to the traditional sounds of the Horn of Africa, West Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. Meanwhile, K’naan’s versatile lyrical style highlights a range of rapping and singing developing a unique character that beautifully complements the musical composition. In addition, the album features a nice array of guest-spots including artists such as Damian Marley, Mos Def, Chali 2na, and Adam Levine.

Exemplified by his lyrical respects to champions of the human spirit such as Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, K’naan has carefully woven an artistry celebrating the positive elements of our livelihoods—love, justice, family, and dreams—amidst the forces of destruction and evil that plague our world. As the beautifully poetic and uniquely creative hooks to “Wavin’ Flag” and “People Like Me” trance through your head, the rhythms and lyrics of “Fatima” and “Take a Minute” will marinate in the tranquility of your mental landscapes. And beyond all this, K’naan adds incredible dimension to his musical creation through the unforgettable experience of appreciating the passion and sincerity of his live performances. Much respect to our brother K’naan, may peace and blessings follow him everywhere.

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About the Author: Half-Korean, Half-Egyptian, and having lived and worked with inspiring children in Southeastern Africa and throughout Central and South America, Nader Kim El-Mallawany revels in the diverse richness of the human spirit that shines brightly throughout all reaches of our world.  With love for his family and brethren … and in hopes that justice, tranquility, and human kinship will prevail within our lifetimes … he is ever grateful for the celebration of life that art graciously enlightens upon us all.

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